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Spy Pen Camera

As the use of spy camera equipments is on the rise, we see them take numerous forms as well as constructed into numerous products. So what sort of items are we seeing these hidden camera units fabricated into? And what is one of the most popular products available on the market?

Spy pen camera – is a new and innovative type of hidden surveillance camera and it is manufactured in the form of a completely normal looking writing pen. Spy Pen is a very amazing product that can record audio as well as videos. It is a digital video recorder that is activated by the pressing a button. Not only does the spy pen record audio and video with great clarity, it writes as well. Spy Pen Looks well-designed and easy to operate and it is great for use as a Normal Pen have Hidden camera that records video & audio of High Definition quality. Micro Cam Recorder is very small, tiny and light weight, micro cam recorders high resolution & real time recording in AVI video format, color graphics and audio let you clearly see who is there & hear what they say. It is good for recording interviews, meetings , scam operations, personal notes, to do lists. ?

You can place discrete pen cameras secretly in the areas where the person you’re looking to capture would expect to see a ordinary pen, this allows you to secretly record as people go about their everyday business. Alternatively, the spy pen camera can be put in an office environment perhaps located in something like a pen-holder and/or simply left on a desk. The owner of the unit can discreetly record co-workers and colleagues, giving them a distinct advantage should there be an office based dispute or negotiation. This little gadget could come in handy at anytime. ?

With the spy pens built in rechargeable battery and massive 4 GB memory you don’t need to worry about anything else. It’s battery can be charged from a USB port and it is ready for action. The Digital voice recorder pen is perfect for detectives, executives, lawyers, professors, and students. This Video pen camera has high quality video and audio with real time date and time stamping for the evidence in the court. Now this Spy Pen Camera Add a great value to your Pocket. You don’t need to take bunch of papers , Only keep Pen with you.

This is only one of the numerous ‘all-in-one’ in spy camera units that are now easily available in the market. As technology progresses we are set to see many more high-end surveillance camera and recorder versions go into production. So it may be prudent to use caution with what you say and do, because you never know when somebody is recording you.